The Team

Matthew Rivaldi
Business and design saavy • Stupendous husband and dad • Refuses to say the word “parfait”

Prior to his gig as Prez of Wiggity Bang Games, Matthew built some very successful businesses from the ground up — most notably, It was always in the cards for Matthew to lead and he didn't need the papers to prove it. But he insisted on making it official, topping off his undergrad degree from UCSD with an MBA from San Diego State, focusing on entrepreneurship. He also insists on taking the morning off when the waves are good. An avid surfer, Matthew believes in seeing the big picture and paying attention to the things in life that really matter.

Matthew is happily married to the lovely Jean and the proud papa of his two boys Jack and Alex, who bring him joy, happiness, and, sometimes if he's lucky, chocolate chip cookies.

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Robb Earnest
Vice President & Creative Dynamo
Explosively talented • Super dad and husband • Plays with belly button lint in public

In college, Robb got his first taste of celebrity booking concerts for some of the biggest names in music, including Sheryl Crow, Beck, No Doubt, Rage against the Machine and many more. After graduation he switched gears to work in the film industry. Some of his film credits include Fightclub, Mulholland Drive, What Women Want, Ali, Jackass the Movie, Team America, Nancy Drew and The Comebacks. Robb truly enjoys his day job, but nothing compares to the joy he gets thinking of people laughing so hard that milk shoots out their nose while playing a game he created.

Robb makes his home in L.A., along with his lovely wife Marcia and sons, Owen and Tyler.


Jean Rivaldi
Chief Creative Officer
Self-professed neat freak • Super mom and awesome wife • Would eat pizza every day if allowed

Jean began her career as a graphic designer and writer for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. From there she went on to conquer Chicago and the world of higher education with roles in marketing communications at Illinois Institute of Technology and DePaul University.

After nine bone-chillingly cold winters in Chicago, Jean moved to San Diego in 2005 and gained more marketing experience with a short stint in the corporate world. Not only did she fall in love with the always sunny days and palm trees; she also met and married the love of her life — Matthew Rivaldi. Jean now splits her time working side-by-side with Matthew to help make Wiggity Bang a success; and as CEM (that's Chief Executive Mom) for her other company: Jack & Alex, Inc.


Gramma Phoebe

Gramma Phoebe
Customer Relations Manager
Incredibly honest • Very helpful • Adds color to the office 1-3 days a week (on her own schedule)

Gramma Phoebe has decided she's going to help the WBG team become more "effective, productive and resourceful." Gramma Phoebe lives in San Diego with her son Alan, daughter-in-law Jane, and two grandchildren Nash and Jake. She spends an immeasurable amount of time with her inseparable cat Shilo and maintains a "high level of regard" for Riley the dog.

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Riley Rivaldi (2000-2013)
Senior Mascot / Internal Affairs

With heavy hearts we said goodbye to Riley at the beginning of 2013. He was the ultimate mascot, the most entertaining officemate and the kind of co-worker most people can only dream of. He was a true team player, he always kept our trash cans emptied and greeted everyone with a happy-go-lucky dog-faced grin. We’ll miss his grunting and snoring, his doggy daydreams and his keen insight on everything under the sun.

Rest in peace Riley Steven Fartypants Rivaldi. You are loved and greatly missed.