The Company

Wiggity Bang Games, LLC (WBG) was founded on the belief that a sense of humor is the key that unlocks the universe. With that in mind WBG launched its first board game Quelf* in 2005. It has since won dozens of awards and received many accolades.

The WBG team followed Quelf's enormous success with FlapDoodle, a game of totally silly nonsensical fun, for ages 6 and up (now Quelf Jr.*). And QUAO, the Ultimate Dictatorship Card Game for ages 12 and up, featuring an evil bovine.

Next WBG unleashed FURT, a befuzzling eruption of laughter, on the world. And now we’re hatching Magic Feather, for ages 7+ and families, at New York International Toy Fair in 2012!

WBG's mission is to bring people together the good old-fashioned way — face-to-face — to talk, play, laugh and have fun. And so the fun continues! Wiggity Bang Games is always contemplating the next completely random idea that pops up (and how to turn it into something that makes people snort with laughter). Check back often to find out what’s new!

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*In fact Quelf and Quelf Jr. were so amazingly funny and popular and stupendous and awesome that they were acquired in 2012 by a large North American toy and game company.