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FURT – Ages 13 & up / 3-8 players / 60 minutes to play

FURT is a befuzzling eruption of laughter in a box. It is a party game that defies logic and a reasonable explanation. You have to play to understand and when you do, you’ll laugh until your sides ache.

In this game players race to be the first INTO the mouth of a fiery volcano by completing actions from the six wacky-packed FURT categories. You might be making up outrageous lies about yourself. Freshening up with a quick shower in your host’s bathroom. Or acting out the words ‘butter patty.’

Perfect for: game nights, girls’ nights, family get-togethers, road trips to Vegas, frozen winter evenings in the Midwest, lazy days poolside, high school detention, prison riots, peace treaty talks, jury duty and any other gathering that could use a good laugh.

Availability: FURT is now available online and through select retailers.

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