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Where's Quelf?

In 2005 Wiggity Bang Games, LLC (WBG) introduced the Co-Founder's Edition of the Quelf brand board game, thus unleashing the most random and unique board game ever upon the world. In February, 2012 the rights to the Quelf and FlapDoodle brands were acquired by Spin Master, Ltd.

What happened between then and now? Check it out...

2004 - Wiggity Bang Games, LLC (WBG) was founded by Matthew Rivaldi, Robb Earnest and Jeremy Fifer on the belief that a sense of humor is the key that unlocks the universe. WBG was created to make games that encourage friends and families to come together to talk, play and laugh face-to-face (and as far as we’re concerned, there’s nothing better in life than enjoying a good belly laugh with the people you care about).

2005 - The awe-inspiring randomness of WBG’s first board game QUELF is unleashed on the world. WBG receives their first shipment of Quelf! The "Co-Founder's Edition." Version 1. Limited to only 5,000 copies, the Co-Founder's Edition quickly ran out of print. Nowadays, it's pretty impossible to find. This first edition has 720 cards and features a storybook landscape artwork for the front cover. A large number of these games are signed by the creators, and each of the first 5,000 copies was shippied with a unique number and certificate.

Quelf Founder's Edition Quelf Founder's Edition Certificate

2006 - Quelf wins multiple awards, praise and gains a cult following. One fan summed it up by saying, “Should come with an extra pair of underpants because you’ll probably wet yourself while playing this game.”

Wiggity Bang Games receives their second version of Quelf! The "Premiere Edition", was heavily edited and streamlined down from the original 720 cards to 550 cards. This version features the Orange box artwork. The edits were done by the creators Jeremy, Robb and Matthew. The creators believe this is the perfect version of their game. There is the perfect number of cards, the gameplay is smooth, streamlined, and without error. If you can find it, the creators believe this is the version to own.

Quelf Premiere Game

Quelf wins 2006 Major Fun Award and National Parenting Seal of Approval. Quelf sells and sells and sells.

2007 - Jean Rivaldi (Matthew’s wife) joins Wiggity Bang to head up marketing and public relations efforts and eventually finds herself sucked into writing games.

Quelf earns high praise with a consistent 5-star rating on Amazon and averages a new positive blog review a day in 2007.

FlapDoodle, a game of totally silly nonsensical fun, for ages 6 and up (authored by Jean and Matthew Rivaldi and Robb Earnest) was released in June 2007.

FlapDoodle Quelf Junior

QUAO, the Ultimate Dictatorship Card Game for ages 12 and up (authored by Jean & Matthew Rivaldi and illustrated by Matthew) was released in September 2007.

2008 - 2010 - WBG, being the small company that is, did some soul-searching and decided that Quelf & Quelf Jr (then FlapDoodle) might be getting too big for our little garage office to contain. The two products were licensed in July 2008 to an Australian company. WBG takes a brief and much-deserved break to think about its future. Insert soft elevator music here.

FlapDoodle was turned into Quelf Jr.

Quelf Founder's Edition Certificate

2011 - After a few years off, we just couldn’t help ourselves...we went back to work creating more fun board games! The board game FURT was conceived and launched at New York Toy Fair in February 2011! Billed as a ‘befuzzling eruption of laughter’ it has proved to be just that so far, winning Creative Child Magazine's Game of the Year award!

2012 - Magic Feather, a board game for families ages 7+, launches at New York International Toy Fair!

In February, the entire Quelf brand was purchased outright by Canadian toy and game manufacturer, Spin Master, Ltd. The Quelf brand board game is no longer affiliated with Wiggity Bang Games, LLC and may appear in a different box cover and look very different than WBG's original vision of the game. WBG will always be proud to say that we are the original creators of Quelf and hope you have fun playing all the different versions of the game.

2012 and beyond - So the fun continues...Wiggity Bang Games is always busy contemplating the next completely random idea that pops up (and how to turn it into something that makes people snort with laughter). Check back frequently to find out what’s new.

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