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News & Reviews 2012
One Zillion Games 08/2012 – One Zillion Games – FURT review.
"Wacky! Random! Silly! Sometimes absurd. Did I mention silly? Fun!"
HV Parent 08/2012 – Hudson Valley Parent – FURT review.
"A game your tween will definitely love!"
Ed Play Magazine

08/2012 – Ed Play Magazine – Pajamuary Article. (513K – PDF). "Manufacturers lend a hand to retailers to increase sales"

One Zillion Games 07/2012 – One Zillion Games – QUAO review.
"Quao: The Ultimate Dictatorship Game is a pretty succinct title. In a nutshell, players take turns being a dictatorial cow. "
Game Theory

07/2012 – Game Theory – FURT & QUAO reviews.
"FURT is a massive party game, it even comes with it's own volcano..."

ChiTag 04/2012 – ChiTag Blog – Company profile.
"Wiggity Bang consistently delivers random humor"
Fox News 01/2012 – Fox News San Diego – Pajamuary
Wiggity Bang Games celebrates Pajamuary at Geppetto's toy store in San Diego. Interview by Heather Ford at Fox News San Diego.
News & Reviews 2011 – Back to Top
Creative Child 12/2011 – FURT wins Creative Child Magazine's 2011 Games of the Year Award (1mb - JPG).
Radical Parenting 12/2011 – Radical Parenting Blog – FURT a is 2011 top 10 award winner for best games for families.
UT 12/2011 - San Diego Union Tribune article.
"Board game inventors spill secrets. San Diego home to successful game creators.
Talking Walnut 09/01/2011 – The Talking Walnut – FURT REVIEW.
"This is one board game that you won’t mind playing over and over..."
Parent Dish Toy Fair 2011: Top 10 board games.
FURT " a celebration of inanity and wackiness."
News & Reviews 2008 – Back to Top
03/2008 – Cookie Magazine – How Silly Can You Get? (1.6mb – PDF). “When a new board game loses it's sense of logic, everybody wins."
02/2008 – When Girls Gab (2.3mb – PDF).
“Game on. Turn any tween's doldrums into delight with the active board game Quelf."

01/21/2008 – Daily Candy Kids – Play It Again, Fam
“FlapDoodle makes you invent movements and creatively answer silly questions (ages 6 and up).”

01/14/2008 – 5.0 out of 5 stars A must Get for any Game Lover or Non Game Lover
"This is the most fun, most awesome board game EVER!!! We laughed and laughed until our throats and belly hurt! From start to finish. My only regret is that I didn't purchase this game sooner."


News & Reviews 2007 – Back to Top

12/19/2007 – New York Post – Last Minute Gift Guide
"You must be prepared to sing, mime, snort like a pig and be laughed at (a lot)."
12/15/2007 – – Board Games of 2007
"Flapdoodle is a new family board game that is a lesson in creative thinking."
12/13/2007 – – Faves in Toyland
"...this holiday shopping season has seen a resurgence in interest in board games such as Bananagram – a kind of high speed version of Scrabble – and party games such as Apples to Apples and Quelf."
12/09/2007 – Toronto Sun – Just for fun (400kb – PDF).
"Expect crazy things to start happening, like your friend wrapping himself up in toilet paper as your sister talks like dracula! Insanely entertaining! Outrageous categories."
12/2007 – Bored? Snow bound? Break out the board games! (1.7mb – PDF).
"Board and D
VD games are fun ways to enjoy special, memorable time with the entire family and they make great holiday gifts too."
12/07 – New Jersey Family – Kids Can Column
"Move, and dance playing FlapDoodle, a family-friendly board game that encourages kids and adults to use their creativity."
12/2007 – Toys & Family Entertainment (324kb – PDF).
"FlapDoodle will keep people moving, jumping, and dancing with interactive cards..."
12/2007 – Model Retailer (1mb – PDF).
"Lively parties feature go
ofiness and lots of laughter, so this game fits into any festive scene."
11/23/2007 – Deseret Mountain News – Quelf & FlapDoodle offer family-friendly fun (1.1MB – PDF).
"You may have to take off your shoes and make your toes talk to each other..."
11/20/2007 – Washington Post – Quelf Ranked A Top Pick By 5th and 6th Graders
"Move your game piece around the board and pick up cards that tell you a crazy thing to do."
11/15/2007 – Arizona Republic – Quelf A Top Gift For Tweens (332kb – PDF).
"In this game, players start acting strangely as they move across the board."

04/13/2007 – Nights and Weekends Review
"Quelf is an absolutely ridiculous game that’s guaranteed to make you laugh pretty much non-stop..."

01/23/2007 – Quelf Outsells Competition 10 To 1
Sally Kellenberger, owner of Distraction Games, said "Quelf is by far the best party game the store has carried, outselling every other game 10-to-1."


News & Reviews 2006 – Back to Top

12/07/2006 – Quelf Wins Major Fun Award
Bernie DeKoven announces that Quelf is a winner of the Major Fun award.

11/31/2006 – Quelf Is A Top 10 Cool Game (96kb – PDF).
Chicago Tribune's Eric Gwyn ranks Quelf as one of the Top 10 Cool Board Games.

03/01/2006 – KnucklesBones Review Of Quelf (352kb – PDF).
Quelf - A Party Game Where Players Take on Challenges and Questions with Incredibly Silly Results. Rating: Thumbs Up! - Heartily Recommended

01/30/2006 –
Quelf by Wiggity Bang Games
"From the get-go, the friendly smiling platypus on the brightly colored cover lets you know this is not your standard boardgame."

01/01/2006 – Winner UpBeat Magazine 2005 Board Game Of The Year
"Quelf has to be one of the most creatively inspired, innovative, astonishingly unique, hysterically funny, spectacularly designed family board games we have seen in a very very long time...It redefines the entire board game experience and recaptures that innate child-like enthusiasm which used to be a "given" with board games. "

2006 – Dr. Alan Greene, NPR's People's Pharmacy Pediatrician (1MB – Quicktime MOV FIle).
"We're hooked! My family has never laughed so hard together playing a game. And what could be better than that?" Dr. Greene, NPR's People's Pharmacy and Assistant Clinical Professor at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford University School of Medicine, recently heard on National Public Radio praising Quelf.

01/01/2006 – San Diego North Park News (356kb – PDF). Random has a new name. According to Wiggity Bang Games, that name is Quelf - a new, unique board game targeted for ages "13 to 85.6 billion."

2006 – Quelf Average Customer Review On 5 Out Of 5 Stars
"Turn off the tube and plug into Quelf. I'm sure that once this game hits big, that it will be a household name like "Clue" or "Monopoly". Take it from a board game family who owns dozens of games in our ever-cluttered closet: Quelf is the cream of the crop and deserves an A+ rating."

2006 – Bella OnlineQuelf Review
Quelf – A New Party Game That's A Total Riot
Rating: 5 Super Ninja Monkeys out of 5


News & Reviews 2005 – Back to Top

12/18/2005 – Modesto Bee – Review of Quelf (1.5mb – PDF)
To play, you just have to know how to be silly

12/09/2005 – Quelf On San Diego's KFMB Channel 8 News (6.7MB – Quicktime Audio FIle).
See Robb Earnest and Matthew Rivaldi of Wiggity Bang Games interviewed on San Diego's KFMB Channel 8 News.

12/01/2005 – 2 Magazine Top Pick (332kb – requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
Canada's hot couples magazine picks Quelf as their Gift for People Who Like Entertaining

08/28/2005 – San Diego North County Times
Quelf-Made Men: Three friends introduce unique board game for families.

08/10/2005 – San Diego City Beat (1.6mb – PDF).
Your brain on Quelf. San Diego trio's 'random' board game hits the market.