Wiggity Bang Games Media Kit


Company Factsheet
Company Logo Color (PDF – 128kb)
Company Logo Color (JPG – 332kb)
Company Logo B&W (PDF – 120kb)
Company Logo B&W (JPG – 236kb)
Company Logos for Graphic Designers (Zipped File of PDF's – 236kb)

FURT Downloads

Box Image 3D (JPG)
Box Image Flat (JPG)
Game Box & Components (JPG)
Game Box & Components (PNG)
Game Box & Components (PSD - Layered File. 8.5mb)
Logo (JPG)
Logo (PDF - Vector Art)
Sample Cards (JPG )
Sample Cards (PDF - Vector Art)
Pawn Images (JPG)
Pawn Images (PSD - Layered File. 3.7mb)

Magic Feather Downloads

Box Image (JPG)
Box Image Flat (JPG)
Box Image Back (JPG)

QUAO Downloads

How to Play (PDF – 888kb)
Box Image (JPG – 228kb)
Box Image (Photoshop layered – 2.6mb)
Logo (JPG – 144kb)
Logo (PDF – 424kb)
Sample Cards (JPG – 172kb)

Character Images (PDF – 376kb)

Mad QUAO Downloads

Box Image (JPG)

Open Up Downloads

Box Image (JPG)
Logo (PNG)
Logo (Hi resolution PDF)
Sample Sticks (PNG)

Whizizzle Phonics Downloads

Box Image 1-2-3 (JPG – 663kb)
Box Image 4-5-6 (JPG – 663kb)
Box Image 1-2-3 & 4-5-6 (PSD – 8.2mb)
Professor Whizinpiggle & Cards (PSD – 1.3mb)
Professor Whizinpiggle & Cards (JPG – 268kb)
Professor Whizinpiggle & Cards (PDF – 288kb)

Quelf, Quelf Jr. and FlapDoodle

As of February, 2012 Quelf and FlapDoodle have been acquired by Spin Master, Ltd. These products are no longer associated with Wiggity Bang Games, LLC. For media inquiries please contact:

Spin Master Ltd.
Web: www.spinmaster.com
Phone: 800-622-8339