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With New Family Games, Victims of Cabin Fever Can Finally Find a Low-Tech Cure

San Diego, CA – Jan. 18, 2008 – When the weather turns cold, and cabin fever attacks, parents may be at a loss for ways to entertain their children and be tempted to plant them in front of the computer or television.

The U.S. Census Bureau's Statistical Abstract of the United States reports that in 2007, each American adult and teen spent an estimated 3,518 hours - or nearly five months each year consuming media. That includes 65 days in front of the TV, and a little over a week on the Internet. And, according to BBM Nielsen Research, kids age 6 to 11 watch about 17 hours per week of TV – almost two-and-a-half hours per day!

Wiggity Bang Games is determined to reverse that trend. In a world where tech gadgets often replace human contact, Wiggity Bang Games (WBG), encourages families to come together to talk, play and laugh and most importantly, have fun - even when holed up in the house.

WBG CEO Matthew Rivaldi says, "Families can’t help but have fun with one another when playing our games. Using their imagination and appreciating each one’s personality and ‘talents’ proves more fun than zoning out in front of the TV or computer.”

Wiggity Bang’s entertaining and interactive games include Quelf, and QUAO, for ages 12+, and FlapDoodle, for kids 6+.

Quelf and FlapDoodle
Quelf, and its younger kid's version FlapDoodle, are boisterous board games requiring families to creatively answer crazy questions and perform zany stunts - like, "Make up a sentence that a very angry space alien would say," or "Invent two new ways to wave goodbye and demonstrate them;" questions such as, "Name three things you've never had on pizza but would like to try," or "Name something you would never eat in a sandwich," cracks up the whole family.

These games keep players moving, jumping and dancing with interactive cards that read: "Stand up, spin around, slap both your legs three times and say 'Blast off!’ ” or “Jump and wiggle while singing, 'I've got ants in my pants and they wanna dance!' ” With the roll of the dice, players will soon forget cabin fever angst as they dance an Irish jig while singing a children's song or pretend to be attacked by a swarm of bees while wearing a snorkel and flippers.

QUAO (pronounced 'cow') - The Ultimate Dictatorship Card Game, is a fast and fun card game that challenges players to try to become the next "QUAO." Each player is dealt five cards. The person that successfully completes and discards all the cards in their hand first, wins the game and becomes the dictator "QUAO" - the absolute supreme ruler that hands out penalties to the other players.

From board to card games, Wiggity Bang Games should have families turning off the gadgets and wishing for more snow days in no time.

About Wiggity Bang Games
Wiggity Bang Games was founded on the belief that a sense of humor is the key that unlocks the universe. WBG launched its first board game Quelf, for ages 12 and up, in 2005. Other games include: FlapDoodle, a game for kids 6 and up, QUAO, the Ultimate Dictatorship Card Game, and Whizizzle Phonics, a series of educational games for ages 4 and up.

The WBG team is currently hard at work developing other hilariously entertaining and educational games and products. For more information or to purchase any of the games visit

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