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Wiggity Bang Games Introduces Whimsical New Reading Game for Ages 4 and Up

San Diego, CA – Feb. 17, 2008 – Wiggity Bang Games has introduced Whizizzle Phonics, for ages 4 and up. A line of reading card games that are easier than memorization and more fun than flashcards means kids can now enjoy learning phonics.

Whizizzle Phonics is a fast-paced reading card game series that teaches the sounds of the English language. Designed by a dad and perfected by teachers, the series of phonics games keeps kids engaged in learning. The new product line will be launched at the New York Toy Fair, Feb 17 – 20.

Guided by the brilliant Professor Whizinpiggle, a wise old pig who loves to read, Whizizzle is designed for two to eight players for use at home, in the classroom, and in group settings.

“Whizizzle is an enjoyable and effective way for kids to learn phonics,” said Janna Fischer, a first grade teacher in Turlock, California, and a parent of a six-year-old boy. “Students can learn at their own pace, and parents can easily reinforce language skills at home. Both my students and my son love the game!”

Whizizzle Phonics helps kids learn by using sight, sound and color. The card game covers everything from short and long vowel sounds, to blends, vowel brothers and digraphs.

Whizizzle Phonics comes in two sets, games 1-2-3 and 4-5-6, sold separately:
  • Whizizzle Phonics 1 teaches short vowels and their sounds in consonant-vowel-consonant-words, (dad, ten, pig)
  • Whizizzle Phonics 2 educates kids in long vowel sounds and silent ‘e,’ (game, wise, joke)
  • Whizizzle Phonics 3 focuses on starting blends, (sled, trot, drum)
  • Whizizzle Phonics 4 teaches ending blends, (band, milk, jump)
  • Whizizzle Phonics 5 includes vowel brothers and the letter ‘Y’ as a vowel sound, (aid, seed, fly)
  • Whizizzle Phonics 6 focuses on digraphs, (dash, when, song)

The game’s suggested retail price is $12.95 (available April 2008) online at Whizizzle Phonics 1-2-3 and Whizizzle Phonics 4-5-6 are sold separately.

Next up in 2008: Whizizzle Math!

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