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Wiggity Bang Games, Creators of Quelf and FURT, Launch New Children’s Game for Ages 7+

San Diego, CA – February 23, 2012 – Enter an enchanted neighborhood where animals act like people and crazy crows try to thwart your travels through town.

Magic Feather, the newest board game from Wiggity Bang Games, the masterminds behind award-winning games Quelf and FURT, provides a barrage of boisterous laughter for the entire family (ages 7+).

Play as one of eight neighborhood animals and complete any one of six “stories” that take you through an imaginary town based off the creators own home town of South Park, San Diego.

But beware the crazy crows! To move ahead, players must carry out challenges to stay one step ahead while moving around the neighborhood acting out silly scenarios like pretending to be a cat that swims, sharing stories about something you ate or making another player laugh without saying a single word.

Designed to be played by the whole family, Magic Feather provides a fun family activity that stimulates imagination, boosts confidence, helps nurture independent thinking and expressive communicators and creates lasting memories.

“We play with our own kids and we’re constantly amazed at the creativity and humor that they bring to the game,” said Matthew Rivaldi, president of Wiggity Bang Games. “It’s actually fun for parents to play, too. In fact, sometimes the wife and I leave the kids out of it and play by ourselves.”

Players win by being the first to make it to the “Old Town” Center as they collect “magic” feathers shed from the crows to help them get through obstacles on their way.

Magic Feather will have a suggested retail price of $19.95 and will be available exclusively through independent retailers in July 2011. For more information, visit

About Wiggity Bang Games
Wiggity Bang Games LLC (WBG) was founded on the belief that a sense of humor is the key to just about everything. WBG launched the multiple award-winning board game Quelf in 2005. Close on its heels came Quelf Jr., a game for kids six and up, and QUAO, the Ultimate Dictatorship Card Game. In late 2011, the company launched FURT, a party game for players 13 years and up.

In today’s world where tech gadgets sometimes replace human contact, WBG games encourage friends and families to come together to talk, play, laugh and most importantly, have fun. For more information, visit


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