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Board Games, Like Quelf, Are a Preferred Pastime

San Diego, CA – March 12, 2008 –As house parties get old and bar-hopping taxes the wallet, many college students are choosing board games as a perfect way to pass the time.

“Many of our students check-out board games from the residency halls – even on a Friday night,” said Lissa Regets, National Residency Hall Honorary Chancellor at Arizona State University. “I also organize campus-wide board game competitions that students get really into.”

According to the New York-based market research firm NPD Group, sales of board games in the U.S. have more than doubled in the past ten years, from $314 million in 1998 to $802.2 million in 2006.

Wiggity Bang Games CEO and Quelf co-creator Matthew Rivaldi, attributes part of the resurgence to the fact that board games have grown up in the last decade and the new “breed” of edgy games geared to the college crowd – and up – has encouraged people to purchase games once again.

One example is Quelf, the entertaining and interactive game from Wiggity Bang Games, that is enticing college students to skip the party and pull the plug on electronic devices, said Rivaldi. And, while staring at a television or computer screen can be done alone, board games require players to interact so a game night becomes a social event. 

The award-winning Quelf – which means anything random or silly that makes you bust out laughing – is designed to be “crazy, quirky and completely different every time it’s played.”

With the roll of the die, players advance around the board by answering wacky trivia and performing a variety of zany antics such as dancing an Irish jig while singing a song, acting like a mime walking a dog, and playing Leap Frog.

Jesse Ennis, a junior at the University of Colorado, at Boulder enjoys staying home now and again with his roommates to play a board game. “My friends and I get tired of spending tons of money in bars and restaurants every night,” said Ennis. “We’re bored and broke – board games are perfect for us.”

About Wiggity Bang Games
Wiggity Bang Games, LLC (WBG) was founded on the belief that a sense of humor is the key that unlocks the universe. WBG launched its first board game, Quelf, for ages 12 and up, in 2005. Since then Quelf has won dozens of awards and received many accolades.

In 2007 the WBG team followed Quelf's success with FlapDoodle, a game for kids 6 and up; and QUAO, the Ultimate Dictatorship Card Game for ages 12 and up. And, new in 2008, Wiggity Bang is launching Whizizzle Phonics 1-2-3 and 4-5-6, featuring the quirky and wise Professor Whizinpiggle.

In today’s world where tech gadgets replace human contact, WBG games encourage friends and families to come together to talk, play and laugh and most importantly, have fun.

Quelf’s suggested retail price is $29.95 and is available at select Barnes & Noble stores or online at

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