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Wiggity Bang Games, LLC
2801 B Street #102
San Diego, CA 92102

Contact: Matthew Rivaldi, 619-269-1076

Wiggity Bang Games Completes Initial Financing

The Wiggitydangmazing Adventure Begins!

San Diego, CA – April 15, 2005 – Wiggity Bang Games, LLC (WBG), who is creating wiggitydangmazing fun new board games, toys, comics and interactive media throughout the galaxy, announced today they have completed their first round of financing and officially commenced operations. The investment was led by the Company’s founders, former and current Hollywood executives, and business entrepreneurs. The funds will be used primarily to complete the development and production of Quelf, the new board game that gives “random” a new name, and to launch the Company’s ecommerce website.

“The incredible job by our creative team allowed us to quickly conceive and create our first product, Quelf!, and attract our initial round of financing,” said Matthew Rivaldi, Chief Executive Officer of WBG. “For the next six months, we will focus on our manufacturing, launching our e-commerce website, building out our marketing capabilities and establishing distribution channels for our first product launch.”

The Quelf board game requires you to use your wit, creativity and humor in ways you’ve never imagined… Five different categories of cards range from hilarious trivia to silly stunts to completely random acts of Quelfitude. Quelf puts the ‘fun’ (and random) back into party games.

“The world is on notice: Wiggity Bang Games is here to offer up the FUTURE of family entertainment,” said Robb Earnest, Vice President of WBG. “We expect to completely rock the socks off of everybody who plays our games.”

About Wiggity Bang Games

Wiggity Bang Games, LLC, is an independent developer, manufacturer, and distributor of games, interactive media, and various associated products intended for the enjoyment of people of all ages. For more information, please visit the website at For a sample copy of Quelf, Contact: Matthew Rivaldi, President, WBG.

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