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FlapDoodle and Quelf Licensed to Imagination

San Diego, CA – July 7, 2007 – Wiggity Bang Games, LLC, makers of award-winning family board and card games, announced today a licensing agreement with Los Angeles-based Imagination, a games and media company.

The agreement gives Imagination, a division of Imagination International, Inc., exclusive global rights to manufacture and sell Wiggity Bang Games products’ Quelf and FlapDoodle including all rights to brand licensing and digital extensions.

“We are excited about this agreement as it allows us to let our best products ‘graduate’ to the next level,” said Matthew Rivaldi, Wiggity Bang Games CEO and Quelf co-creator. “Imagination has the ability and resources to continue and enhance the success of Quelf and FlapDoodle and make the games accessible to more people throughout the world.”

FlapDoodle, for ages 6 and up and Quelf, for ages 12 and up, encourage families and friends to spend quality time together and use their creativity to answer crazy questions and perform silly stunts. The games are designed to be “crazy, quirky and completely different every time they are played,” said Rivaldi.

Shane Yeend, Imagination’s CEO said: “A growing trend in the game market is a back-to-basics consumer demand for family party games. We are excited about the addition of Quelf and FlapDoodle games; they are two of most talked about party games in the market today.”

“It is consistent with Imagination’s ongoing strategy to bring to market the most innovative game brands in the world.” He said his company could help extend the Quelf and Flapdoodle brands, especially in international markets.

Beginning this fall, Quelf and FlapDoodle will be available at Barnes & Noble and Calendar Club, and other similar retailers. For more information visit or

About Wiggity Bang Games

Wiggity Bang Games, LLC was founded on the belief that a sense of humor is the key that unlocks the universe. WBG launched its first board game Quelf, for ages 12 and up, in 2005. In today’s world where tech gadgets replace human contact, WBG games encourage friends and families to come together to talk, play, laugh and most importantly, have fun.

The WBG team is currently hard at work developing other hilariously entertaining and educational games and products. For more information visit

About Imagination Entertainment Limited

Imagination is a global leader in interactive and multi platform entertainment. Since 1991 Imagination has built a diversified global games and media company that owns and or manages a catalogue of game brands across multiple platforms including TV, Radio, iTV, Set Top Box, Venues, Online, Publishing, Console and Mobile including its own retail distribution into over 85,000 retails outlets.

With offices in Los Angeles, Australia, Canada, London, Germany and France, Imagination partners with media companies to monetize games vertically across multiple platforms.

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