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What's All the FlapDoodle About?

San Diego, CA – Oct. 1, 2007 – Wiggity Bang Games introduces new family-friendly board game for Ages 6 and up
San Diego, CA– Oct. 1, 2007– Just in time for the holidays, Wiggity Bang Games, makers of Quelf, has expanded its product line with FlapDoodle, a family-fun board game of totally silly nonsensical merriment for kids, ages 6 and up.

FlapDoodle encourages kids and families to use their creativity to answer crazy questions and do stunts like, “Make up a sentence that a very angry space alien would say,” or “Invent two new ways to wave goodbye and demonstrate them.”

Players move ahead when drawing a card and completing the task. They get help when landing on a happy and helpful Miss Goody Gumdrops space. But landing on a Mr. SourFace card will send players back with statements like, “Mr. SourFace says that if your name has letters in it, you must move back one space.”

The first person to make it through the FlapDoodle factory wins, but the game is geared for laughs all along the way.

Children will laugh out loud when answering questions such as, “Name three things you’ve never had on pizza but would like to try,” or “Name something you would never eat in a sandwich.”

FlapDoodle will keep players moving, jumping and dancing with interactive cards like, “Stand up. Spin around. Slap both your legs three times. Say ‘Blast off!’ Then sit down,” or “Jump up and wiggle around while singing, ‘I’ve got ants in my pants and they wanna dance!’ ” or “Pretend you are a human pretzel. Twist yourself into a pretzel shape and then say, ‘Give me some mustard!’ ”

FlapDoodle makes for a unique gift and is perfect for family get-togethers, children’s parties, school activities or rainy day entertainment. It is a younger kid’s version of Quelf, targeted to the 12 and up crowd.

The game’s suggested retail price is $24.95 and is available at specialty toy and gift retailers and online at

About Wiggity Bang Games

Three guys from California whose sole purpose in life is to make people laugh founded Wiggity Bang Games, LLC (WBG) in early 2004. Believing that a sense of humor is the key that unlocks the universe, WBG launched its first board game, Quelf, for ages 12 and up, in 2005. Other games include: FlapDoodle, a game for kids 6 and up, and QUAO, the Ultimate Dictatorship Card Game.

In today’s world where tech gadgets replace human contact, WBG games encourage friends and families to come together to talk, play and laugh and most importantly, have fun.

The WBG team is currently hard at work developing other hilariously entertaining games and products. For more information visit

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