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QUAO - The ulitmate dictatorship card game

QUAO (pronounced 'cow') – The Ultimate Dictatorship Card Game
Ages Teen & up / 3-6 Players / 30 Minutes

What is QUAO you ask? QUAO (pronounced ‘cow') is the absolute, supreme ruler of an unruly wasteland at the edge of civilization where attempts at democracy are futile. QUAO is the ultimate dictator — an evil bovine with secret Rules.

What does it mean to be QUAO?  Being Quao means you know the rules and everyone else has to figure them out. As you play this fast and fun card game, you'll be challenged to discard all your cards first to win each round, as you try to become the QUAO.

Along the way, you'll have to play along with QUAO's loyal subjects. Each of them has their quirks: Quak will ask you to entertain your friends; BullyQ is QUAO's heavy and has some crazy rules of his own; JaQuas will ask you to reveal something about yourself; and Cheata' just wants to make everyone's life hectic with her random requests.

Perfect for: teens, slumber parties, family fun, college study breaks and ultimately, a really good laugh.

Contents: 127 cards in five categories

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