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QUAO Card Game | Social Groups and Parties | Teens, Students, Families

  • UNIQUE CARD GAME THAT’S HALF SILLY AND HALF STRATEGY. Quao (pronounced “cow”) is the only card game where it’s your goal to be a bovine dictator. Win a round to be the QUAO!
  • FUN GAME PLAY FOR GROUPS AND PARTIES! Try to get rid of your cards. Each round’s winner is the next round’s Dictator Quao, who enforces the Quao’s rules. Win the fifth round to win the game!
  • EACH CARD TYPE COMES WITH A SURPRISE. Reveal an embarrassing fact about yourself, entertain your friends (loudly!), reward or punish another player with an action, or enforce a silly rule onto another player each turn.
  • INCLUDES 127 CARDS in five category types.
  • AGES TEEN AND OLDER, three to six players. 30 minutes game play.

QUAO (pronounced ‘cow') is the absolute, supreme ruler of an unruly wasteland at the edge of civilization where attempts at democracy are futile.

Being Quao means you know the rules and everyone else has to figure them out. As you play this fast and fun card game, you'll be challenged to discard all your cards first to win each round, as you try to become the QUAO.

Along the way, you'll have to play along with QUAO's loyal subjects. Each of them has their quirks: Quak will ask you to entertain your friends; BullyQ is QUAO's heavy and has some crazy rules of his own; JaQuas will ask you to reveal something about yourself; and Cheata' just wants to make everyone's life hectic with her random requests.


OBJECT: Each player is dealt five white cards. Each player has a chance to discard one card during each turn. The person that successfully completes and discards all the cards in their hand first, wins the round and becomes the dictator QUAO. Whoever wins the fifth and final round is the ultimate dictator and the winner!

SET UP: Open the deck and separate the white cards and the black cards (QUAO Rule cards). DO NOT READ THE QUAO RULE CARDS! Shuffle the white cards and deal each player five cards face down. Keep the remaining white and black cards face down on the table in separate piles for easy access.

HOW TO PLAY: There are four different ‘suits’ of white cards and each suit is played differently when discarded. During each turn a player may discard one of their cards from their hand to the table.

YOUR TURN: During your turn you must:

1) Pick a card to discard and READ THE ENTIRE CARD OUT LOUD.

2) Perform or assign the card to another player depending on the card suit.

3) Discard the card (either to the discard pile, into another player’s hand, or in front of another player, again depending on the card suit).

4) Your turn is now over and play goes to the left.





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