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When you play this game, you'll be subject to the whims of QUAO and her loyal subjects:

QUAO (pronounced 'cow') is an evil bovine with secret Rules. Only she knows the rules and it's your job to figure them out. Pay attention! See sample card.

A donkey who loves to talk about himself. No doubt he'll ask you to reveal something embarrassing to your friends. See sample card.

Cheata' is, of course, a cheetah. She's fast and makes QUAO a bit mad. She's the only one who can help you get the QUAO to do anything. See sample card.


A mean bull who pushes people around for QUAO. And that includes you. See sample card.

A duck who uses humor and talent to amuse. It's likely that she'll want you to show us your talents too. See sample card.

Make your own QUAO Qrown (that's QUAO talk for 'crown')
Become a QUAO Fan and download your own Qrown and get some extra cards to play more and more QUAO!


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Download QUAO Game Directions (1.8MB – PDF)

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